Eggplant Spread Dip

Eggplant Spread Dip

January 5, 2017 LSC 0

This recipe was shared by my mom. She is an amazing cook. I remember her making this wonderful dish throughout my childhood and we used […]

Dutch Oven Lamb

Dutch oven lamb stew

November 20, 2016 LSC 0

Lamb dishes are one of our favorites. I decided to do a quick lamb dish as my husband and I

creamy bell pepper gravy sauce

Creamy Bell Pepper Gravy Sauce

November 15, 2016 LSC 0

This Creamy Bell Pepper Gravy Sauce recipe is wonderful for holidays or special occasions.   This topping tastes good over potatoes or something like rice. 

Chicken rice soup

Chicken Rice Soup

November 15, 2016 LSC 0

My mom taught me how to make this Chicken Rice Soup and made it for our family as childhood. And now I know how to […]

Beef Turkey Kotleti

Beef Turkey Patties (Kotleti)

September 18, 2016 LSC 0

      Beef Turkey patties (kotleti) family recipe. Growing up I remember eating this on several occasions with either rice or potatoes and even

baked fish

Baked fish

July 6, 2016 LSC 0

My sister shared this baked fish recipe with me. For this recipe, I am using wild pacific rockfish fillet I bought at Costco.